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The 100 Secrets of Top-Performing Women

A Unique Opportunity for Corporate Leaders and Executive Women

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Do you ever feel exhausted by the relentless pursuit of success, your own high expectations, and the constant demands of work and life?

Do find yourself wondering if reaching the top really can’t be done– or if it can, that it just might not be worth it?

Don’t give up. It can be done.

It is possible to achieve the success you want along with a renewed sense of confidence in your own value, optimism for the future, and balance in the rest of your life. (Freedom!)

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Executive Women in Fortune 500 Companies Face Challenges No One Else Does

No matter how talented they are, and no matter how high their positions, it’s still a challenge for women to succeed in today’s business environment.

It’s bewildering. When someone as confident and accomplished as they are seems unable to break through to the level of success they know they’ve earned, executive women start to ask themselves the Big Questions.

  • “What should I be doing to excel in my role and show myself to be a leader?”
  • “Am I really performing at my best – and is my best even good enough?”
  • “Will I ever get ahead in this organization?”
  • “Are women really valued in my organization? …and more importantly…am I?”

Reality starts to sink in when they start to wonder whether what they’re putting into success is really worth what they’re getting out of it.

When we interview leaders at the top of their organizations, especially women, we discover a wealth of wisdom about how to sustain success.

You will feel stronger and more connected as a leader when you know how other leaders just like you navigate the complex, ever-changing business world and successfully integrate their work and life.

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When you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other leaders,

You will clear a path for yourself, so you finally achieve what you want to achieve. You’ll learn how much control you have over your own career. You’ll embrace your talents and ambitions with hope and enthusiasm, and you will get the results you want in your profession.

In short, you’ll finally lead the life you want to live.

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Executive women feel like they have tried everything.
There are multiple forces working against women’s ability to achieve the professional success they want along with the quality of life they deserve.

  • Few role models.
    For one thing, there are so few models of success that it’s hard for women to really see what’s possible. They can imagine it and strive for it, but they can’t see the models of truly powerful women who are successful in every way, including their work, their family and personal lives, their happiness, and their sense of peace and prosperity.
  • Busy lives.
    For another thing, women are just so busy! With husbands, partners, kids, clients, bosses, teams, homes, groceries, personal finance, fitness, and more, women often don’t have time to step back and breathe, much less to reflect on their lives and align them in a better way.
  • A secret lack of confidence.
    Surprisingly, many extraordinarily successful women harbor a secret – potentially even unconscious – lack of confidence. Compared to men, they opt in to the Big Opportunities less often and more slowly than men. They may not be sure of their ability to succeed in a bigger role and want to prove themselves first, or they’re waiting for the invitation or the nod from higher-ups to give them the signal to go for it.
  • Isolation.
    Even though women are known for their strong relationships, it’s lonely for women at the top. Even if executive women felt they could overcome the obstacles they face, in that effort they feel very alone.
  • A lack of information.
    This may surprise you, but we already know what makes women successful. We know the steps to the top of the ladder. The secrets are out. The problem is that the information is still hidden and struggling to reach real women in organizations. Fortunately, the solutions are out there; unfortunately you may have never heard them.

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The good news is, there are solutions.

After years of research on the advancement of women into senior leadership positions, we now know women are in the position to empower themselves to advance as leaders

So what do you need to do?

  • African American woman with tablet, smiling to cameraLearn from other leaders. Finding and following role models of women who have succeeded in the way you want to succeed brings you hope and inspiration. It also gives you good ideas of what you can do to achieve what you want to achieve. You don’t have to start from scratch; you can follow the lead of the women who have succeeded before you.
  • Discover “images of the possible.”
    One way to overcome the challenges and questions of life and leadership is to fill yourself with examples of successes from others. What are the tricks? What are the tips? What are the secrets? By collecting examples of the ways women make it all work, you go beyond seeing what they have achieved and discover how they’ve actually done it. Then you can do it, too.
  • Surround yourself with champions.
    Everyone needs encouragement. Everywhere throughout the business word there are voices championing women who are committed to leadership. Listening to the cheers of others can be an inspiring motivator to believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals.

Give yourself the opportunity to see what’s possible.

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In the last five years, we’ve interviewed over 100 senior level executives on the topic of how women can take advantage of the opportunities to lead in business.

From them, we’ve gathered

  • Advice
  • Insight
  • Inspiration
  • Helpful Tools
  • Savvy Tricks
  • Examples
  • Words of Wisdom.

We want to share that with you.

Join us for the eCourse and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other leaders. You’ll receive short, easy-to-read notes with lessons for life and leadership from other highly successful leaders, delivered weekly, right to your inbox.

You’ll be glad you did – especially when you discover that one of the most inspired success stories you know… is you.

“Success in my job means maintaining such a high level of commitment that it’s easy to let it consume me. After hours, on the weekend, and on vacation, if I’m not careful. I don’t get to enjoy my success, and I want to. The 100 Secrets of High-Performing Women reminds me of what I want to remember – the good feelings that come from enjoying a job well done, the encouragement to keep stretching for the next big thing. I love hearing about what other women are saying about ourselves and remembering that we’re in this together. “

Jennifer Nixon
President and CEO

“I want to be an executive leader who is seen as compassionate, successful and motivated. Someone who celebrates success and enjoys the benefits of being successful with family and friends while experiencing the richness of life. The 100 Secrets of High Performing Women keeps me connected to that vision.”

Kristina Franklin
Executive Vice President

“I have highlighted so many of the quotes and stories from The 100 Secrets of High Performing Women, because I see so much of myself in them. It’s SO encouraging to me that people have found new ways of supporting themselves in their careers.  It gives me hope!”

Janna Eucey
Vice President

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