Endorsements and Reviews


“Howard and Joelle have created an extraordinary book about how women can take advantage of the critical opportunities today that can transform their roles and build their careers as organizational leaders in the 21st century!”

Mark Thompson,
New York Times bestselling author of Success Build to Last and executive coach


“The New Advantage offers compelling real-world guidance for women seeking to strengthen themselves as leaders while creating more satisfying and sustainable careers. By encouraging women to focus on their own development, and then offering tested practices to help them do this–– that is, by focusing on what really works––Howard and Joelle have provided an invaluable service, not just to women but the organizations and to the world. Great stuff!”

Sally Helgesen,
author, The Female Advantage: Women’s Ways of Leadership and The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work


“My experience in working with senior women leaders has been extraordinarily positive over the years. Books on this subject often focus on finding fault with the past, yet this excellent book takes a proactive approach to the challenges that senior women leaders face. The dialogue it will provoke should result in a more cohesive and collaborative workplace to the benefit of both genders.”

Jonathan Klein,
co-founder and chairman of Getty Images, Inc.


“Throughout history any long lasting social change has come from a grassroots “people” effort. The best of organizations embrace diversity training and programs for high potentials. What was needed is a way to blend programs and grassroot efforts for women. We have it! In The New Advantage Howard and Joelle provide a powerful pragmatic road map for women to catapult their careers and take control of their lives.”

Ken Blanchard,
management expert and bestselling author of The One-Minute Manager and
Margie Blanchard,
speaker, author, and co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies


“The New Advantage moves the discussion about ‘women in leadership’ forward. It’s Lean In meets Good to Great – a rich, practical guide based on the experiences of real corporate leaders – both men and women – who champion equality for women on leadership teams.”

Susan Butler,
author of Become the CEO of You and WOMEN COUNT, and the first female partner at Accenture


“The New Advantage has informative text, delivered with professionalism and a kind spirit. Howard and Joelle’s influence is evident.”

Saly Glassman,
Managing Director – Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch


“With women in executive positions stuck at around 20 percent, we need The New Advantage to push the conversation in a new direction. The book offers a refreshing, straightforward take on what women can do to reach their potential on their own terms. With a he said-she said approach, we get to hear strategies not usually found in a women’s leadership book. Get ready to start thinking – and acting – differently.”

Kristi Hedges,
leadership coach and author of The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others

“A balance of leadership is essential for today’s organizations. For corporate executives who want the best teams and women who aspire to leadership roles, The New Advantage offers practical solutions, backed up with substantive research. Leaders will benefit from the message of the book as they look to build an integrated strategy for men and women in the organization to come together and redefine leadership for the 22nd century.”

Rebecca Shambaugh,
Founder of Women in Leadership and Learning, leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author of Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results


“We are in the midst of a transformation – one in which business leaders understand the advantages of women in leadership and are committed to improving their company’s value by balancing their leadership teams. Women play an essential role in the process. Lean In gave us the “why” and the “what.” The New Advantage gives us the how. This a book that should be on every aspiring woman’s shelf.”

Sharon Meers,
Head of Strategic Partnerships, eBay Enterprise and Author (with Joanna Strober) of Getting to 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All


“I was very impressed with the tone and the approach [of The New Advantage]. This book would be particularly useful to women who are in managerial roles who are looking at how to move up to senior leadership positions.”

Sarah Krevans,
CEO, Sutter Health


“Senior male leaders still have a long way to go in understanding how to interact, understand, listen, and hire/promote female talent. It also requires a dedicated partnership between men and women, where women work harder at getting men to think differently and men commit to thinking differently. The corporation has to have a real strategy in place as part of its culture to get it right.” The New Advantage provides that strategy.

Tony Nugent,
Executive Vice President, MetLife